About Us

            Our firm’s approach in addressing our clients’ legal needs is that we are in the business of solving our clients’ legal problems, not litigating for litigation’s sake. Prior to taking on a new matter, Mr. Palmer meets with each client to listen to the client’s individual concerns and objectives and to understand the client’s business as it relates to the legal matter at hand. He works closely with each client to formulate a sound and effective legal strategy designed to accomplish the desired objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible.

            Our firm is old school in the sense that its practice philosophy is to provide individualized attention to a select group of clients. Our firm is not a mill looking to get rich by taking on dozens of cases for clients we barely know or have time to stay in touch with. Our firm’s attorneys prefer to limit their practice to a manageable number of matters to ensure that they can provide personalized service to each client and remain engaged and proactive on each case. Our firm still views the practice of law as a profession rather than a business and is passionate about providing quality service and paying attention to detail.

          Our firm is also battle-tested and focused on obtaining results and providing real value in the legal services it delivers to its clients. Mr. Palmer has big firm experience and has handled many complex and hard-fought cases throughout his career. He is not intimidated by difficult cases and is perfectly comfortable litigating against even the largest and most prestigious firms. His pedigree and legal experience are comparable to many big firm lawyers, but because he does not subscribe to the big firm business model, his hourly rate is substantially less than that of his contemporaries at large firms.

Efficient and Just Resolution of Legal Disputes.